Introducing Jake’s QuickBrakes

Now that the AerialFly project is done, I’ve started another web-based side project called Jake’s QuickBrakes. The premise is people don’t like taking their car to the repair shop (myself included), and when your brakes are bad it can be very unsafe to do so. Jake’s QuickBrakes eliminate these issues by simply coming to you […]


The Bucksport paper mill like never seen before.

During a significant portion of our developing years, my brother and I lived in Orrington, Maine. For those that don’t know, Orrington is a small, quiet town on the banks of the Penobscot River, nestled directly between Brewer and Bucksport on beautiful Route 15. During our time in the area we explored, we fished, we biked, and […]


Claymore Challenge!

We are finalizing plans right now to film alongside BoomBox Group and Red Bull Media House at this year’s Claymore Challenge! The competition is being held on July 21st at Highland Mountain Bike Park, and we’re stoked to be a part of it! The entire event is being filmed, produced, and broadcast live on, and it’s […]

AerialFly Time-Lapse Build Process

We had a GoPro camera running as we built our octocopter a few months back and made a video out of it. 5000 pictures and 5 hours are crammed into a two-minute video. Enjoy!

More Testing

Yesterday we went to some fields in the middle of nowhere for more testing. Our main purpose was to check some COG (center of gravity) configurations and also some new controller configs. The wind was blowing at around 10mph, but it is certainly not evident in the footage, which can be seen below. (For faster […]

Yarmouth Harbor Test Video

This week we began testing our second prototype, and we shot some video to check the stability of our UAV. Here’s a short video compilation of what we shot over a span of a few minutes. It’s important to note that we didn’t change the duration of our video clips in an attempt to reduce […]