The Bucksport paper mill like never seen before.

During a significant portion of our developing years, my brother and I lived in Orrington, Maine. For those that don’t know, Orrington is a small, quiet town on the banks of the Penobscot River, nestled directly between Brewer and Bucksport on beautiful Route 15. During our time in the area we explored, we fished, we biked, and we made friends who quickly became like family. Similar to the geography which winds up and down hills, through fields, and between Swetts Pond and Jacob Buck Pond, the people of Bucksport and Orrington are deeply intertwined. For most, this powerful bond is centered around countless hours of living together, learning together, hunting together, fishing together, and raising families together. All of which was made possible by working together, at the Bucksport Paper Mill.

In the winter of 1929-1930, and in an attempt to keep the output of Maine’s power production facilities in-state, the Bucksport paper mill project was announced. At the time, the $10M task was one of the greatest industrial projects undertaken in all of New England. The mill, then known as the Maine Seaboard Paper Co., produced its first run of paper Thankgiving day of 1930. Employment and production output skyrocketed over the decades that followed. Employment peaked in the late 1980s with 1350 people, and the mill satisfied clients such as LL Bean, Good Housekeeping, and Victoria’s Secret for years and years. If you ask anybody that worked there, the product was world-renowned for one thing. Quality.

Just like its people.

Like anyone from the area, we were devastated when we heard that the book our friends and neighbors have spent decades writing is closing. In a race against time, demolition crews, and the obscure weather patterns that follow the Penobscot river north, we decided to stamp the 84-year-old paper mill into viewers’ eyes and history forever, from the air.

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